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  • 國內四星級酒店  |
  • 150-500人  |
  • 2019-11-16

  五年以上工作經驗  大專學歷   招1人  性別:不限
  不限 不限 不限   年齡:不限


崗位職責Post responsibility:
1、 嚴格按照酒店的規章制度和工作程序,開展日常采購工作;
Carry out daily procurement work in strict accordance with the rules and regulations and working procedures of the hotel
2、 了解市場行情,全力協助相關部門按需采購物品并確保所購物品的衛生和安全標準;
Understand the market, assist the department to purchase goods on demand and ensure the hygienic and safety standards.
3、 了解酒店預算,協助控制采購成本;
Understand the budget of the hotel to assist in controlling the cost of the purchase.
4、 與供應商的溝通、協商、采購合同簽訂及跟進;
Communicate with suppliers, negotiate, sign and follow up procurement contracts

1、 大專以上學歷,具有5年以上高星級酒店采購工作經驗;
College degree or above, with 5-year high-star hotel procurement experience.
2、 具有豐富的采購工作知識和經驗,擁有相關專項資質認證;
Rich knowledge and experience in procurement work, relevant special qualification certification.
3、 具有良好的管理、組織、協調溝通能力;
Good management, organization, coordination and communication ability.
4、 能嚴格遵守公司財務制度,品行端正,法制觀念強。
Strictly abide by the company's financial system, good quality, and strong legal concept.
5、 有國際酒店經驗者優先。
International hotel experience is preferred.


聯 系 人:盛女士
地 址:浙江省杭州市下城區延安路546號


我心永恒: GLIVE是由海徠中國打造、精選服務的輕奢時尚科技居住品牌,坐落于中國各城市中心,盡攬都市繁華與品質生活。傳承泛海控股旗下酒店品牌的多元化和包容性,GLIVE是都市潮流風尚的引領者,亦是科技居住的探索者。通過著名設計大師詮釋生活美學,以獨特的設計語言演繹此處生活方式的自由優雅之態,致力更新生活方式的未來。

GLIVE,a casual luxe residential brand with technology and high quality services created by Hilife China, is located in urban centers in China, enjoying cities’ prosperity and quality life. Inherited diversification and inclusiveness from hotel brands of China Oceanwide Holdings Group, GLIVE is the leader of urban trend and the explorer of scientific and technological residence. With the greatest designers interpreting aesthetics of life and presenting the lifestyle of freedom and elegance, Hilife devoted to renewal of future life style.


GLIVE offers customized and diversified accommodation experience, and advocates the values of trend, intelligence, caring and social activities. Guests will experience sincere, nice, proactive and adequate services,which will be truly top-level. The considerable services and technological experience will be found everywhere, and by integrating cozy living experience, GLIVE will bring guests a journey of discovery with trend, quality, comfort and freedom, which will be much more than expected and advanced with the times. Rooted in unique local conditions and folk customs, GLIVE ingeniously connects with local culture and arts to create wonderful experience which is profoundly inspiring and memorable for guests.

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