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萬達酒店及度假村Wanda Hotels & Resorts
重慶市 昆明市 桂林市
  • 酒店管理集團  |
  • 500人以上  |
  • 2019-12-09

  八年以上工作經驗  大專學歷   招若干人  性別:不限
  英語 熟練   年齡:35-45



1. 大專及以上院校畢業;
  Graduated from college or above;

2. 具有良好英文聽說讀寫能力;
Good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills;

3. 認同企業文化,身體健康,品行端正,具有良好的學習能力、溝通能力及團隊合作精神,有良好的職業道德、誠信背景及較 強的事業心和責任感;
Affirming corporate culture, good health, proper behavior, good learning ability, communication skills and teamwork spirits, good professional ethics, honest background and strong sense of professionalism and responsibility;

4. 8年高端外資品牌酒店從業經驗,擔任餐飲總監2年以上工作經歷;
Minimum 8 years of experience in high-end foreign-owned brand hotels, and more than 2 years of experience as a Director of Food & Beverage;

5. 熟悉中、西餐食品制作及酒水相關專業知識, 了解餐飲及廚房的運作;
  Familiar with Chinese and western food production and wine related expertise, understand the operation of catering and kitchen;

6. 具有酒店預算管理知識,能夠編織餐飲部預算。能夠在預算規定的范圍內開展各項 具體活動;
  Have the knowledge of hotel budget management, the budget of the food and beverage department can be complied. Ability to carry out specific activities within the budgetary provisions;

7. 精通市場推銷技巧,善于開展飲食產品、設施和范圍等推銷活動;具有設計、安排和實施銷售活動的能力;
  Master in marketing techniques, good at promoting sales activities such as diet products, facilities and scope; having the ability to design, arrange, and implement sales activities;


聯 系 人:萬達酒店及度假村人力資源行政部
電子郵箱:[email protected]
地 址:北京市朝陽區建國路93號萬達廣場B座寫字樓16層


Founded in 2007, Wanda Hotels & Resorts endeavors to be recognized as one of the world’s most valuable asset management companies with a core competency in hotel business. This vision has been achieved through integrated business resources including hotel design, hotel construction and hotel management based on its core values of “People First –practical care to our employees; commitment to all stakeholders and customers.”and corporate belief of “Practical, innovative, rooted in China.”Wanda Hotels & Resorts, as one of the only “one-stop solution”hotel companies in the world with over 70 hotels in over 50 cities in China, currently manages five brands in its portfolio: the ultra-luxury brand Wanda Reign, the luxury brand Wanda Vista, the premium brand Wanda Realm,the select-service brand Wanda Jin, the ultra middle-end brand Wanda Moments. 萬達酒店及度假村 始于2007年,秉承“以人為本,關愛每位員工,溫暖每位客人,盡責每位合作伙伴”的核心價值觀,及“務實創新,發揚華文化”的公司理念,致力成為全球具有價值、以酒店為核心的資產管理公司。萬達酒店及度假村擁有酒店設計、酒店建設、酒店管理三大核心,是全球打通酒店開發全產業鏈的公司之一,旗下共有五個酒店品牌:奢華酒店品牌-萬達瑞華、豪華酒店品牌-萬達文華、高端酒店品牌-萬達嘉華、高端精選酒店品牌-萬達錦華及超中端酒店品牌-萬達美華。目前為止,萬達酒店及度假村在全國50多座城市管理著超過70余家酒店

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